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Learning Alliance Scotland is currently developing a programme of lifelong learning opportunities to a wide range of participants. These include Peer mentoring and Education skills workshops to volunteers and trainee mentors as well as to chosen partner organisations in Eastern Europe and Western Africa.


The key aim of Peer mentoring, support and Education is to set a standard of excellence and accreditation to our training, in particular with ‘Help Yourself Grow’ participants who are young people and adults who due to their social and economic disadvantage are working towards developing their skills in both Peer mentoring and Education. It is important to the Alliance to support individuals who have no prior formal learning to achieve accreditation to their learning and therefore improve their opportunities to further training or employment routes. This particular strand of learning takes a ‘person centred’ approach to the learning, as well as ensuring co-production in the development and delivery of all the training sessions. An accredited Peer mentoring and Education training programme will enable the Alliance to support participants to access and fulfil their personal, social and economic potential.


The Alliance is also working towards incorporating the key principles of the SCQF descriptors as part of the framework of all relevant learning opportunities within the Programme.


  • Knowledge & Understanding

  • Practice: Applied Knowledge, Skills & Understanding

  • Generic Cognitive Skills

  • Communication, ICT and Numeracy Skills

  • Autonomy, Accountability and Working with Others

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