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Some of the courses we offer have a transnational component which allows for the learner to complete some of their course with one of our partner organisations in Romania, Ghana or until recently Belarus and Ukraine.

Pre departure training

We deliver an 8-week programme that is suited to creating and maintaining good mental health and another that focuses on team work, leadership and personal responsibility and these, blended with the individual support mentioned above will form the context of some of the group work training that we will deliver.

At the very core of the model is relationships. Given that many on the programme will have had negative experiences of relationships with adults, then this relationship will become one of significant importance and worth.

Through this relationship, the worker will work in a dualistic fashion, communicating a sense of worth and belief that they hold for the individual, whilst at the same time encouraging the participant to believe in themselves and believe that there is hope. The role is to help the participant to get the most out of their engagement and ensure that they are able to respond and adapt to the situations they will encounter as they begin to experience change. From our experience over the last 15 years, participants can experience multi related difficulty.

These can broadly be broken into 5 categories/stages:

  1. an increase in their belief in their own lack of worth

  2. a decrease in their own sense of perspective and control

  3. an inability to become motivated

  4. a pervading sense of hopelessness

  5. A potential relapse with their alcohol/drugs/mental health harm reduction programme.

Whilst allowing them to develop technical skills and knowledge around their chosen subject in a different context, it also contributes to the learner’s understanding of:

  1. Diversity

  2. Active community citizens

  3. European awareness

  4. Environmental awareness

  5. Social mobility


International mobilities are arranged so that Learners travel in small teams and benefit from the support of mentors and trainers throughout the duration of their trip. 

You can learn more about our overseas opportunities at

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