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About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create and provide equal access to resources and opportunities for personal and professional development. 



To develop an inclusive society that values and develops visibility, autonomy, responsibility and participation of all its members. 


To ensure disadvantaged learners furthest from the labour market have the support and motivation to learn new skills, develop different attitudes, and access the labour market confident that they can make a valuable contribution.


Learning Alliance is a consortia of Third Sector Interfaces and organisations, which has responsibility for providing training through the Learning Hub. We work with young people and adults to ensure learning is transferable between our organisations. We offer a staged approach to training and employment support:


  1. Joint development 

  2. Barrier removal 

  3. Vocational activity 

  4. Employer engagement 

  5. In work and after care support 

As a consortium, we are a SQA Learning Centre and deliver a number of SQA courses from level 3 to level 7. One of our customised awards is in peer mentoring and peer education (Level 4 & Level 7) which we have delivered over the last 6 years to disadvantaged learners throughout Scotland. 

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